Latest CCNP Wireless 642-742 Dumps (16-20)

Which two Cisco components are required to extend an existing VoWLAN to dual-mode wireless phones? (Choose two.)
A. An LDAP server for the WLAN
B. Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator
C. Cisco Unified Mobility Advantage client
D. Cisco Unified Mobility Advantage
E. Cisco Unified Communications Manager
F. A RADIUS server for the WLAN
Answer: B,D

A web browser is opened to a new Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921G or 7925G connected to a windows computer via USB. Which statement describes the ability to read and write configuration parameters to prime the phone for its first VoWLAN association and its association to a Cisco Unified Communications Manager?
A. Phones are always read-only.
B. Phones are read-only and require user to be authenticated as administrator for write access.
C. Phone read/write access depends on the firmware version.
D. Phone depends on Cisco Unified Communications Manager configuration.
Answer: C

Which DHCP option is used by Vocera badges to reach a Cisco Unified Communications Manager?
A. Set the option to 66.
B. Set the option to 43.
C. Set the option to 150.
D. No option is required.
Answer: D

When a Vocera badge performs a broadcast call in a properly configured VoWLAN using WLC v7.0, which two choices indicate how the QoS is marked? (Choose two.)
A. Upstream marked as Best Effort.
B. Upstream marked as ToS CS4.
C. Upstream marked as DSCP EF.
D. Downstream marked as DSCP EF.
E. Downstream marked as Best Effort.
F. Downstream marked as Silver.
Answer: C,E

When designing the coverage area for high call capacity, what two actions should you take with data rates and channels? (Choose two.)
A. Avoid channels with high AP co-channel interference.
B. Use channels with high AP co-channel interference to avoid channel roaming.
C. Set the 2.4-GHz data rate of 5.5 Mb/s to required.
D. Use 5-GHz channels when possible.
E. Use 2.4-GHz channels when possible.
Answer: A,D

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